HMG Information Assurance : CESG/Cyber Certified Professional CCP

NCSC CCP Certification

I have had the pleasure of having my skills and experience in Information Security of the last 20 years endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre through an assessment of examples of my work over the last 8 years with the award of Certified Cyber Professional (CESG Certified Professional) as at 31st August 2020.

Here is a link to a full CV summarizing 27 years in Information Security, including a table on page one referencing  the NCSC CCP certified skills. The links below describe the work for which I was certified. I am available for work against any or all of these CCP/IISP skills, namely :-

A1 - Information Security Governance

A2 - Policy & Standards  

A3 - Information Security Strategy

A4 - Innovation & Business Improvement

A5 - Information Security Awareness and Training

A6 - Legal & Regulatory Environment

A7 - Third Party Management

B1 - Risk Assessment

B2 - Risk Management

C1 - Security Architecture

C2 - Secure Development

D1 - Information Assurance Methodologies

D2 - Security Testing

E1 - Secure Operations Management

E2 - Secure Operations & Service Delivery

E3 - Vulnerability Assessment

F1- Incident Management

F2 - Investigation

F3 - Forensics

G1- Audit & Review

H1&2 – Business Continuity Management

I1 - Research

I am also Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM certificate) and can offer privacy program management, including privacy incident response with GDPR Compliance Management (CIPP/E certificate) with qualification as a DPO ( Data Protection Officer )

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